Primp My House



Staging is just another marketing tool but it can do great things:

  • Attracts a broader range of potential buyers
  • Sells more quickly
  • Earns a higher sales price
  • Shows better online, in print and at open houses
  • Enhances selling features
  • Buyers and inspectors view staged homes as well maintained

 Three C’s of Staging

  • Clean-A clean home is a sold house.
  • Clutter-You want your home to have the right balance so that you can show off the space,
    not the stuff. Clutter eats equity.The more items you have in a room, the smaller it appears
  • Color-The atmosphere of a home is often dictated by its color scheme. 
    Too much color-or not enough-can affect how the potential buyer “feels” about the house.


It’s a not-so-extreme makeover, really.  Stagers rearrange and touch up the furnishings you
already own–a pillow here, some cleanup there–making a surprising difference for a
surprisingly low price. Sellers need to look at their own home with the same critical eye
as the potential buyers do.

We’re sold on staging because it works. To talk with a staging pro (no pressure, no obligation)
drop us an e-mail.

And we couldn’t talk about staging without putting in a plug for our favorite home stagers and the miracles that they have worked.

read more>>


We feel so strongly about staging your home in this market
that when you list with us
your initial consultation is on us!

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